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Who would have thought!

Back in 2003 my Mom was selling Teddy Bear making supplies at Craft Shows. After returning from one of her shows, she walks in my door giddy as all get out! Shoving her hands in my face, I see she is holding this little Teddy Bear head, some brown fluffy stuff & what she told me was a Felting Needle. Excitedly, she quickly describes how you just take this needle, poke, poke, poke & Ta Da... You get this! Well, my Mom always gets excited about new things & quite frankly, I really didn't pay much attention. Later that year, she was unable to attend one of the shows that she'd already paid for & asked me to go for her, which I did. She already had it all set up & as customers were walking by, her husband at the time was demonstrating Needle Felting. People were really excited & amazed by it but couldn't quite wrap their minds around it enough to purchase anything other than the traditional Teddy Bear making supplies my Mom had to offer. This was my Light Bulb moment! How often have we all missed the band wagon? So after the show I went home & did some research on Needle Felting where I found that although it's been around for eons in Europe, mostly utilizing the wet felting technique, it hadn't gained much popularity here yet. So through much trial & error, putting what little bit of Web Site building skills I had to use & exhausting the last of my available credit on one of my credit cards, The Felted Ewe was born. I drew my little sheep logo 10 times before I got it just the way I liked it! My only real intention was to use all the money I made to pay off that same credit card through any profit I made & then I was going to just stop selling it. Eventually, that card did get paid off but because of comments from my customers like "I'm so glad I found you!" & "I just love your shop!" as well as many others, I do my best to keep my business open. I am constantly Amazed at all the Mind Blowing things people create with this medium! Being a part of that by doing my best to provide you with quality supplies gives me a sense of purpose. Thank you all so much! I hope you enjoyed my Story...

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