Felting Needle Holder-
Specifically designed by Bam Fiber Works for sculptures and detail work. Perfect for any felting project.
There are 3 ways you can position your Felting Needles to make the use more specific to your project.

1) You can use 1 Felting Needle for a more comfortable grip.
2 ) A unique option to this tool allows you to place 2 Felting Needles close together for detail work.
3) You can use the 3 needle configuration in which the holes are evenly and tightly spaced.

This lightweight, compact Felting Needle Holder is ¾ inches wide and 2 inches long, which is a comfortable fit for most Needle Felters! Your hand is closer to your workpiece giving you better control. Only 1 7/8” of needle showing from the bottom of the tool with a 3” needle.
Finished with hand rubbed Danish Oil finish and made from cherry hardwood.
Assembles with steel threads for a lifetime of use. Easy to change needles. Simply unscrew the top, slide out old needles, and replace with new.
Also included are fully illustrated instructions showing you how to change your Felting Needles & hold your new tool properly to provide you the best experience possible!
Each is individually turned on a vintage lathe in their woodshop in the USA.

Please note: All the Felting Needles in your Holder must be the same Gauge (size) for even felting.

Felting Needle Sizes:
36T ~ A Triangle cut, 36 gauge felting needle used first as it felts the loose fibers down the fastest.
36S ~ A Star cut, 36 gauge felting needle used next to tighten the loose fibers even more.
38T ~ A Triangle cut, 38 gauge felting needle used primarily for tightening and attaching felted pieces together.
38S ~ A Star cut, 38 gauge felting needle used primarily for tightening and attaching f