Needle Felted Apple Instructions

Please read all instructions before starting this project.
We used Core Wool Roving, Wool Fibers in Red, Green & Brown,
Felting Needles & a Foam Felting Surface.

Caution - Needles are sharp!
This craft is not recommended for children under the age of 11.

Please take precautions to protect your fingers & keep away from Young Children & Pets!

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The Core

Apple 001.jpg
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Pull off some Core Wool & roll tightly into a ball. This gives you approximate size. Add more if you want your Apple larger, remove some to make it smaller.

Poke, poke, poke, until your Apple becomes firm but not to firm. Make sure the tip of the needle gets to the center so it is the same density all the way around & through. Squeezing it in your hand will give away any softer spots!

Keep your needle straight. You can felt at any angle as long as the pressure is only coming from the top of your needle. Sideways pressure will bend or break your needle. Watch the tip as you felt. If it "bows" it will break!
Felt an indentation at the top by felting around in the same spot for a bit

then turn your Apple over to felt a smaller indentation at the bottom.

Givin' your Apple some Skin!

Apple 009.jpg
Apple 010.jpg

Pull off some Red Roving & lay just enough fibers over your foam felting surface to evenly cover your Apple. Wrap a section up over your Apple & start felting the fibers in. Do not felt all the way through your Apple or white fibers will show out the other side. Continue to pull the fibers up & around your Apple "Core" until it is completely covered with red fibers. Felt them in evenly all around to get nice, smooth, even coverage. Felt more fibers over any thin spots where white shows through. Remember to felt your indentations back into your Apple on the top & bottom. Poke, poke, poke... really felt in those fibers & shape your Apple. At this point your Apple should be really firm. The more you felt, the smaller, firmer & smoother it will get. Rolling it in your hands helps to smooth it out & get rid of any unwanted dimples.

Apple 012.jpg
Apple 014.jpg
Apple 015.jpg
Apple 019.jpg
Apple 021.jpg
Apple 023.jpg

The Stem

Pull off a bit of some Brown Fibers & lay them on the foam. Fold the fibers in half lengthwise then roll them into a cigar shape. The folded end will be the top of your Stem. Do not felt the other end. You will use the loose, wispy fibers to attach your Stem to your Apple. Hold onto the loose, wispy fibers & felt back & forth a little less than 1/2" from the folded end down it's length. Rotate & repeat until your Stem becomes firm & straw shaped. Remember, do not felt the wispy fibers that you are holding onto.

Apple 024.jpg
Apple 025.jpg
Apple 026.jpg
Apple 028.jpg
Apple 027.jpg

Roll your Stem between your thumb & finger to firm it up a bit more.

Spread the loose, wispy fibers out from the center so they look like tree roots.

Apple 029.jpg
Apple 030.jpg
Apple 031.jpg
Apple 033.jpg

Place your Stem over the large dimple made at the top of your Apple. Needle felt the loose, brown fibers into your Apple down under your Stem. Make sure the tip of the needle goes into your Apple at least 1". Keep felting around your Stem until all the loose, brown fibers are felted in & your Stem is firmly attached. Felt as close to the edge of the Stem as possible. Felt the top of your stem flat by lightly poking down on the top of it so your Apple looks similar to the one pictured above.


Apple 034.jpg
Apple 035.jpg
Apple 036.jpg
Apple 037.jpg
Apple 038.jpg
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Pull off some Green Roving & lay it on your foam, spread the fibers out evenly. Felt the fibers lightly into the foam, not to deep, into a leaf shape leaving one end wispy to attach to your Apple. Peel it up, flip it over & repeat. Do this several times until your Leaf takes shape & thickens up. Felt more green fibers into any thin spots. Felting at a severe angle makes for a nice smooth finish. Watch your needle, it's not bending is it? Be sure to felt the edges thin & felt the fibers in around the sides. Once your Leaf is firm, you can use scissors to trim off any stray fibers. Do not trim off the wispys, you still need them to attach your Leaf to your Apple!

Apple 042.jpg
Apple 044.jpg
Apple 045.jpg
Apple 046.jpg
Apple 047.jpg
Apple 048.jpg

Pull off any looser, excess wispys. Hold them to the base of your Stem & felt them in really well going back & forth only about 1/8" or so. Keep felting, get that needle in there... all the fibers will disappear. Felting them inward on either side will make your Leaf more narrow where it is attached. Felt down the center of your Leaf back & forth several times to give it more dimension.

There you have it...

Your very own, One-of-a-Kind, Needle Felted Apple! I hope you enjoyed this project. You have now learned all the Basics to Needle Felting. Including what Core Wool is used for, how to needle felt a cylinder, needle felting your fibers flat as well as how to attach your pieces together. All you need now is your imagination!
Happy Needle Felting!


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