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Needle Felted Apple Instructions

Please read all instructions before starting this project.
We used Core Wool Roving, Wool Fibers in Red, Green & Brown, Felting Needles & a Foam Felting Surface.

Caution - Needles are sharp!
This craft is not recommended for children under the age of 11.

Please take precautions to protect your fingers & keep away from Young Children & Pets!

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The Core

Givin' your Apple some Skin!

The Stem


Video Tutorial

There you have it...

Your very own, One-of-a-Kind, Needle Felted Apple! I hope you enjoyed this project. You have now learned all the Basics to Needle Felting. Including what Core Wool is used for, how to needle felt a cylinder, needle felting your fibers flat as well as how to attach your pieces together. All you need now is your imagination!
Happy Needle Felting!

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Felted Apple Example Image

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